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Concise, actionable strategies and tactics across diverse topics

The least you need to know


Available courses (Coming soon) - contact me for coaching on these topics

The Power of Focus

How to apply the most valuable asset - your focused attention

rapid learning - MUSIC

Starting with some or NO music experience, learn to sing or play an instrument well in just a few months!

practical  guide to rapid learning   and upgrading skills 

A no-B.S., simplified system for achieving what's important to YOU

doing business in a multi-cultural enviroNment

A practical, actionable guide to how/why cross-cultural misunderstandings occur, and how to effectively navigate in a global workplace

rapid learning - Functionally fluent in foreign language

How to become functionally fluent or improve your native or target language QUICKLY

guide to hiring the right people or getting hired

An immediately actionable guide to hiring (or getting hired as) the right person the FIRST time 

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