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Our self-commitments define us and silently shape our identity, revealing our character through actions. We mount evidence about the kind of person we are by simply doing what we promised ourselves we'd do.

Your sense of identity and self-worth are largely made up of your choices and promises when no one is watching. Are you living up to your promises and shaping your identity? Or looking to others to see how it "should" be?

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Habits shape our identity. Consistency in actions defines us. Neglecting rituals and routines creates more problems than bad choices, which can often be mitigated.

Your rituals and consistent habits transform desired behavior (who I want to be) into default (who I am).

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Don’t get stuck overthinking decisions. Remember:

Most decisions are reversible. People return home after dreaming of moving overseas, remarry after divorce, and return to old careers or jobs.

You can choose to focus on and have confidence in your ability to course-correct if needed, rather than your ability to always make the “right” choice.

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