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Circus shows use a thin rope tied to a stake to keep full-grown elephants from moving. It seems impossible that such powerful animals are controlled this way.

The answer: they were trained from a young age with strong restraints. Over time, they "learn" it's hopeless and stop trying.

What have you given up on because it seems hopeless?

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We've been learning our whole lives, yet no one taught us how to learn.

Warren Buffet famously said his best investment was in his own abilities. If abilities - the application of knowledge— are power, then learning how to learn is a top investment of your time.

Understanding how you learn new things is crucial. Being adaptable and continually upgrading your skills is a master attribute.

I believe we all have enormous untapped potential.


Most people underestimate their ability to make significant progress and build new neural pathways QUICKLY with a short amount of focused effort.


I've seen the incredible power of consistent progress firsthand.


Imagine focusing for just 10 minutes a day to a skill you want to improve. By "focus," I mean intense, distraction-free concentration. Over a year, that adds up to 60 focused hours. Do you doubt your ability to dramatically improve skills with 60 focused hours?


Consistent progress compounds and builds intrinsic motivation.

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