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Coaching and Speaking

Performance Coaching

Get out of your rut.

Take action on the few, most important things that will improve your personal and professional life.


Accomplish what is meaningful to you.

Action Not Motion

Keynote Speaking

Key note speaking

In today's rapidly evolving, exponentially advancing world, the ability to quickly master new skills is paramount.


Steve has captivated global audiences with his dynamic and enlightening presentations on accelerated learning and achievement. Seamlessly weaving music into his narrative, he showcases tangible examples of triumphs in health, technology adoption, business, athletics, and language learning, revealing simplified, actionable strategies behind each success.


With Steve's insights, you'll be entertained, learn immediately actionable steps to accelerate learning. You will be inspired to harness your potential to refine and upgrade your skills, and achieve what’s most important to you.

Keynote Speaking


(Coming Soon)

Multiple mini-courses coming soon!

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you like to collaborate?

Online Program

Executive coaching

Book Steve as an executive business coach and learn useful, actionable strategies and tactics for working with Japanese colleagues or customers.

100% of these short, one-time sessions have received 5-star ratings by executives and professionals from multiple Western organizations who do business with Japan.

Executive Coaching
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